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ANCHORAGE  – U.S. Senate candidate Dan Sullivan garnered barely 40% of the primary vote last week, a fact being noted by media outlets. Sullivan’s lackluster performance in the primary has been followed by Sullivan’s suspect disappearance from the public eye.

“After losing 60% of the vote in his own primary election, Dan Sullivan has disappeared, locked Alaska reporters out of events and continued to avoid answering questions on issues critical to the state like the Violence Against Women Act while letting Outside groups like Karl Rove and the Koch brothers do the talking for him,” said Max Croes, Communications Director for Alaskans for Begich.

In the primary Sullivan benefited from millions of dollars being spent on TV and radio by Outside groups including a last minute infusion of $300,000 from his parents and brother. Sullivan has been preparing his U.S. Senate bid for years.




ANCHORAGE – Dan Sullivan is the only candidate in Alaska’s U.S. Senate race who supports unlimited spending by corporations and billionaires in elections.

Sullivan announced his support for the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision and anonymous spending by billionaires and his belief corporations are people in June when stumbling through his disingenuous attempt to bar spending in our elections. This position conflicts with Sullivan’s newest TV ad.  Sullivan has failed to reconcile his beliefs with his political ploys.

“Dan Sullivan needs to take aim at his own support for unlimited spending by corporations and billionaires in Alaska’s elections. Sullivan believes corporations are people and he continues to be dishonest with Alaskans while trying to hide his true beliefs,” said Max Croes, Alaskans for Begich Communications Director.

Here’s what’s been said about Sullivan’s support for Citizens United

Fairbanks Daily News-Miner:

The disharmony between Sullivan’s stances on political campaigns in general and the specific race he is running this fall is peculiar, and doesn’t support his stated intentions in seeking the agreement… But we can’t square that intention with the facts of how this year’s Senate race is being conducted — and with Mr. Sullivan’s unwillingness to support limits on campaign finance in races other than his own. [Fairbanks Daily News-Miner Editorial, 6/15/2014]

Alaska Commons:

Dan Sullivan’s ‘Alaska Agreement’ More About Politics than Fairness [Alaska Commons, 6/13/2014]

Washington Post:

On the conference call, Sullivan was repeatedly asked whether he supports” Citizen’s United.” Without answering directly, Sullivan responded that he supports “strong Supreme Court court decisions that strengthen free speech.” Afterward, he affirmed his support for “Citizens United” in a tweet. [Washington Post, 6/10/2014]

Mark Begich supports a constitutional amendment to permanently overturn the Citizens United ruling and has signed the We The People Alaska pledge stating his belief that corporations are not people

Begich has supported transparency efforts such as the DISCLOSE act, legislation Dan Sullivan does not support, and supports Alaska state law which requires ads to disclose top donors.



KTVA: “No sign of women getting paid less for performing the same role”


ANCHORAGE  – Senator Mark Begich joined Alaska women and equal pay supporters at the YWCA in Anchorage to discuss the importance of equal pay for women and his support for the Paycheck Fairness Act, a bill that would put tough safeguards in place to end pay discrimination for women.  

Begich is the only candidate in Alaska’s Senate race that supports equal pay for equal work and opposes all forms of discrimination. 

An investigative report from KTVA Channel 11 found ads being run by Outside groups misleading and reported “there is no sign of” Begich paying his female staff less.

Outside groups –  including those backed by Karl Rove and the billionaire Koch brothers – supporting Dan Sullivan have spent over $4 million already and are set to spend another $12 million in the next few months.

Read the full story here and below:

Begich responds to pay equality criticism

By Kate McPherson 6:58 AM August 26, 2014

ANCHORAGE – Creating conditions in the workplace that make it easier for women to fight for equal pay continues to be a political divider.

Republicans are trying to use the equal pay issue against Sen. Mark Begich, who’s running for re-election in November. Republican heavyweight Karl Rove is behind a group that put out the latest ad attacking Begich; aiming to leave the viewer with the impression that Begich is against equal pay for women and claiming he doesn’t pay his female staffers fairly.

Begich says, in some cases, the opposite is true.

“My legislative correspondents, my legislative aids — job to job, class to class — in those two, for example, women make more money,” Begich said after addressing a crowd at the YWCA in Anchorage on the issues of equal pay for equal work and raising the minimum wage in Alaska.

A list of around 57 Begich staffers and their salaries shows no clear indication that women are paid more than men performing the same role. It’s also not clear how much experience staff members have; a factor which might influence how much someone is paid.

“They just make this stuff up, they use whatever data points they want to make their point,” said Begich, referring to the people behind the ad.

Begich said the figure in the attack ad looks like it’s derived from adding up all of the women’s salaries and all of the men’s salaries, but doesn’t take into account the actual job description — for example the chief of staff, who is male and gets paid upwards of $76,000 for the senior role.

“Almost 70 percent of my workforce are women, when you compare job class to job class in some cases we are paying women 108 percent — more than men.”

The latest ad against Begich also urges the viewer to tell him to support a piece of legislation that is supposed to end pay discrimination. Begich’s campaign said this bill is just a watered down version of the Paycheck Fairness Act. While Begich supported that measure, it fell six votes short of passing in the U.S. Senate in April.

The Paycheck Fairness Act can be reconsidered. The legislation would enhance penalties for employers who intentionally discriminate against female workers.



Restricts Public Schedule


ANCHORAGE – Alaskans are out of luck if they are trying to ask U.S. Senate candidate Dan Sullivan a question about what he believes. Sullivan kicked off his first week as a candidate without a single public meeting with Alaskans and virtually no campaign appearances. This follows Tuesday’s primary where Sullivan lost 60% of the vote in a bitter primary election and locked reporters out of a victory party

Mark Begich has visited nine Alaska communities in the past week.

“Unlike Dan Sullivan, Mark Begich knows the importance of meeting face to face with Alaskans in every corner of the state. Dan Sullivan continues to avoid Alaskans in attempt to duck straightforward questions like ‘do you support the Violence Against Women Act,’” said Susanne Fleek-Green, Campaign Manager for Alaskans for Begich. 

Dan Sullivan has never taken open questions from the Alaska media and does not publicize his campaign events.

Mark Begich has Alaska’s best congressional attendance record and is always ready to go to work for Alaska.  Begich frequently travels thousands of miles across Alaska. When he is home, he can be found speaking with Alaskans at Home Depot, Fred Meyer, on the streets of Dillingham or at the airport.



What Treadwell and Miller Actually Think of Sullivan


ANCHORAGE — Mark Begich’s newest TV ad is 30 seconds in length, but there’s much more Alaska Republicans Mead Treadwell and Joe Miller had to say about Dan Sullivan.


Supercut Video of Mead Treadwell and Joe Miller

Treadwell and Miller were honest with Alaskans about Dan Sullivan’s residency problems and his support from Karl Rove and the Koch brothers.

Watch everything Dan Sullivan and Mead Treadwell said about Dan Sullivan

Joe Miller questioned where Sullivan’s money comes from, and made sure Alaskans know Sullivan’s support from the “architects of the surveillance state.”

Watch Alaskans for Begich new ad “Opponents” here.




Senator Mark Begich gave a speech to a convention of the AFL-CIO in Fairbanks yesterday reaffirming his support for Alaska workers and middle class families, a stark contrast to U.S. Senate candidate Dan Sullivan’s support of Right To Work.

Dan Sullivan’s Record:

“I am supportive of right to work.” U.S. Senate Candidate Dan Sullivan,[Fagan & Biegel Show, 7/11/2014]

Sullivan believes raising the minimum wage would “Kill half a million jobs.” [Anchorage Daily News, 4/30/14]

“Raising The Minimum Wage Isn’t An Answer.” [AP, 1/18/14]

Sullivan Touted the Increase in Free Trade Agreements During the Bush Administration. [Sullivan Remarks, Washington Export Council, 3/21/07]

Mark Begich’s Record: In yesterday’s speech Senator Begich voiced his support for strong labor unions, retirement security, fair trade, and unemployment benefits.

Minimum Wage:

“I’m glad that AFL workers earn good pay for hard work they do. But having a fair minimum wage is important to labor, even those who make more than the minimum. I’m proud to go to Senate floor this spring with many Democratic colleagues to talk about how important it is to raise the wage.”

Social Security:

“Workers can’t afford to wait another year or two years to get what they’ve earned. Alaskans won’t stand for Social Security cuts, which is what increasing the retirement age is. I won’t stand for it.”


Begich has claimed a number of victories for Alaska workers:

  • Opened the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska, bringing in new jobs and over a billion dollars in investment

  • Helped bring 2 squadrons of F-35′s to Eielson, which will create thousands of jobs and hundreds of millions of dollars for the Fairbanks economy.

  • Sponsored the Protecting and Preserving Social Security Act, to improve Social Security


“You go as far as it takes”


ANCHORAGE — As the general election kicks off, Mark Begich is back on TV with his acclaimed ad, “Alaska’s Son,” highlighting his commitment to travel to each and every corner of the state to meet face to face with Alaskans and hear about their individual needs.
In the ad, Begich’s wife Deborah Bonito says:

“In Alaska, you go as far as it takes to see the people. While we love having Mark at home, we know we share him with every Alaskan, like his father before him. Mark was 10 when he lost his father. We’ve lost too many Alaskans this way, but Mark is clearly his father’s son and there’s no where he won’t go to listen and stand up for Alaskans.”


 Mark Begich has Alaska’s best congressional attendance record and is always ready to go to work for Alaska. Alaskans know Mark never stops working for Alaska and spending time listening to Alaskans – whether its at Andy’s Hardware in Muldoon, the AC store in Bethel or Tatsuda’s IGA in Ketchikan. In the past week, Begich has visited Palmer, Wasilla, Haines, Juneau, Nome, Eagle River and Anchorage. He heads to Valdez and Cordova tomorrow. 





Mark Begich has received endorsements from 9 former mayors in Southeast Alaska who recognize the results Begich has delivered for coastal communities. When it comes to delivering mine permits, funding Coast Guard facilities, delivering health care for Alaska veterans, and protecting postal service, Mark Begich has a record of accomplishment in Southeast.

Endorsements Include:

Southeast Mayors

         Fred Shields, Former Mayor of Haines

Sally Smith, Former Mayor of Juneau

Bob Weinstein, Former Mayor of the City of Ketchikan

Bill Williams, Former Mayor of Saxman

Joe Williams, Former Ketchikan Borough Mayor

Al Dwyer, Former Mayor of Petersberg

Scott McAdams, Former Mayor of Sitka

Dennis Egan, Former Juneau Mayor

Bruce Botelho, Former Juneau Mayor


“Mark Begich stands up for the unique needs of Southeast Alaska. Mark has helped bring job creating investment to Southeast mines and Coast Guard facilities and he is honored to have the support of local leaders and will continue to work alongside them to support Southeast families, veterans, fishermen and Alaska Natives,” said Susanne Fleek- Green, Alaskans for Begich campaign manager.

Begich has risen fast in the Senate leadership, securing key committee spots as the Chairman of the Senate Subcommittee on Oceans, Atmosphere, Fisheries and the Coast Guard and Senate Appropriations Committee that have helped him bring resources back to rural Alaska. He has also used his seat on the Senate Homeland Security Committee to advocate for improved postal service delivery to Southeast Alaska.

Begich’s accomplishments for Southeast include:


Secured Permits for Local Mines - Begich helped secure permits and create local jobs at the Kensington, Niblack, Bokan and Greens Creek mines.

Support for Local Small Businesses – Begich helped secure a $500,000 USDA grant for Alaskan Brewing Company to complete a biomass boiler.

Bringing Three New Coast Guard Ships To Southeast – Secured funding for three new Fast Response Coast Guard Cutters, two in Ketchikan and one in Juneau.

Resources for Local Schools - Begich helped secure $240,000 for Haines public schools.

Health Care Upgrades and Resources - Begich successfully pushed for more than $4 million in SEARHC funding, including Sitka’s Mt. Edgecumbe Hospital and the Haines medical clinic, and secured an amendment for Medicare payment assistance for Mt. Edgecumbe.

Infrastructure Improvements -  Recovery Act provided $6.3 million for Hoonah to expand broadband services, resources for Mt. Edgecumbe High School for an alternative energy project, $4.7 million to upgrade the Ketchikan Federal building to a biomass heating systemm $2.2 million for Coffman Cove road improvements, $2.4 million for projects in the Tongass and Chugach, $27 million for the Ketchikan dock, and over a $1 million to the Ketchikan shipyard.

Rural Veterans – A successful Begich initiative allows veterans in rural Alaska to receive health care at tribal health facilities, saving veterans thousands of dollars   in travel costs and allowing them to get care close to home.

Postal Service Reform – Begich secured a commitment to maintain local sorting for Ketchikan mail and successfully protected Douglas and Auke Bay post offices from scheduled closings.

       Transportation Support - Begich & Senator Lisa Murkowski blocked efforts to cut Essential Air Service, which provides critical access to 44 rural communities across Alaska. Begich also fought for $3 million to improve the Hoonah ferry terminal, $3.6 million for the Auke Bay loading facility and $7.7 million for a dock and causeway in Gustavus.




ANCHORAGE – Senator Mark Begich is up with a new ad highlighting the well-founded criticism U.S Senate candidate Dan Sullivan has received from fellow Republicans. Mead Treadwell and Joe Miller made very clear to Alaskans: Dan Sullivan hasn’t been honest with Alaskans about his residency and his campaign isn’t backed by Alaskans.

During the primary Treadwell suggested that Dan “never should have become a Senate candidate” and reminded Alaskans that Sullivan’s changing stories and claims about his Alaska residency mean he can’t be trusted:

“(Dan is) someone who moved here for ambition, tax reasons. And someone who can’t remember one fishing license to the next, one tax form from the next, one biography to the next; where he’s from and when he came.” (Video, Homer GOP debate, 7/15/14)

Read More Here About What Treadwell and Miller Have Said About Dan Sullivan

Miller also criticized Sullivan for his links to Outside groups and special interests asking “where’s the money coming from and why is it being given.”

Sullivan has struggled to get the details of his own residency straight with a campaign that is funded almost entirely on Outside dollars from special interests and his Ohio-based family in Ohio. Outside groups  - including those backed by Karl Rove and the billionaire Koch brothers –  supporting Sullivan have spent over $4 million already and are set to spend another $12 million in the next few months. 

Transcript of “Opponents”:

Begich: I’m Mark Begich and I approved this message.

Narrator: Now that the primary is over, remember how Dan Sullivan’s opponents described him?

Treadwell: “… someone who can’t remember one fishing license to the next, one tax form from the next, one biography to the next… in my cabin we’ve got a jar of mayonnaise in the fridge that’s been here longer than you …”

Narrator: And about the billionaire Koch brothers supporting Dan Sullivan?

Miller: “I really think the question is where’s the money coming from and why is it being given.”

Narrator: Dan Sullivan for Senate?

Treadwell: “If you’re going to represent Alaska it helps to know Alaska.”

Treadwell: “… and Dan Sullivan just got here.”




Begich “Better Candidate”


ANCHORAGE — Media outlets and strategists across Alaska and the country are noting Dan Sullivan has lost ground in a general election after a bitter and divisive primary race where he lost nearly 60% of the Republican vote.

“You don’t have to look any further than the attacks Mead Treadwell and Joe Miller used against Dan Sullivan to know he won’t look Alaskans in the eye and talk about important issues. Alaskans can’t trust someone who can’t tell the same story about his residency twice, answer a question about supporting the Violence Against Women Act and depends almost entirely on Outside groups and money to drive his campaign,” said Max Croes, Communications Director for Alaskans for Begich.

 What’s being said about Sullivan: “He is damaged” 

Sullivan Losing Ground:

 “Is Alaska’s Senate Race Slipping Away From the GOP?” (National Journal, 08/20/2014)

Sullivan afraid of Alaska press: 

“Sullivan Wins, Snubs Election Central Celebration” (APRN, 08/20/2014)
“Dan Sullivan wasn’t available for an interview today. He didn’t talk to reporters on election night and had no public appearances today.”  (APRN, 08/20/2014)

Sullivan can’t get majority support from his own party:

“We never thought Miller had a chance and expected Sullivan to do far better than losing roughly 60 percent of the vote in a Republican primary,” said one Democratic strategist.” (Washington Examiner. 08/20/2014)

“As a result, even as the GOP grows more optimistic about a dozen other races across the midterm map, some of the party’s operatives worry that, of all places, bright-red Alaska has quietly slipped away.” (National Journal 08/20/2014)

What the outlets are saying about Begich: “Better Candidate


Begich running a strong campaign with fundraising lead:

“Sullivan now has less than 2½ months to replenish his coffers and make his case against Begich, who has run one of the strongest campaigns of any Democrat so far this election cycle.  Begich had raised more than $8.3 million and had over $2 million on hand at the end of July.” (Real Clear Politics 08/20/2014)


Begich is the better candidate:

“…many of the state’s GOP operatives said that Begich—a former mayor of the state’s largest city, Anchorage, and the son of a congressman—has proven the better candidate thus far. Many analysts have praised not just Begich’s outreach to local Alaska voting blocs but his early TV ads, one of which recalled the death of his father, who was killed in a plane crash while in office.” (National Journal, 08/20/2014)

Begich’s “Secret Weapon” is Alaska:

“…unlike Begich, who was born and raised in Alaska, Sullivan hails from Ohio”

“In Anchorage, where Begich grew up and once served in the assembly and as mayor…Some people still remember his days as a property manager, when he would show up at all hours to fix leaky toilets.’ Let’s not get caught up in the D.C. trap of Democrats versus Republicans,” he said in an interview. “When you’re in Alaska it’s about what’s important for Alaska.” (AP, 08/20/2014)