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Sullivan Record Of Fighting Against Alaska Native Rights On Display


ANCHORAGE —  U.S. Senate candidate Dan Sullivan dodged questions about his lawsuit against Katie John over her subsistence rights, his lack of support for the Voting Rights Act and refusal to support an Alaska Native preference for subsistence.

Sullivan’s failed record of suing Alaska Native tribes, communities and Katie John continue to be topics of conversation among AFN attendees after Mark Begich made clear he supports subsistence rights and empowering rural Alaska communities.

“Dan Sullivan is out of touch with Alaskans and today it was clear he’s trying to buy Alaska’s Senate seat for himself. Sullivan’s failed record as Alaska’s attorney general and Department of Natural Resources Commissioner isn’t going away. Sullivan tried to re-write history and twist the truth about his record of suing and attacking the rights of Alaska Native people and rural communities. Attendees still want Sullivan to answer questions about his Katie John lawsuit, proposals to strengthen tribal authority and his opposition to Alaska Native subsistence rights,” said Max Croes, Communications Director for Alaskans for Begich.

Overview of Dan Sullivan’s record of attacking the rights of Alaska Native people:

Katie John

Alaskans remember and celebrate the life of Athabascan elder Katie John whose heroic story of fighting nearly thirty years for her subsistence rights has been passed down for decades. Alaskans also remember that U.S. Senate candidate Dan Sullivan, then attorney general for Alaska, used his position to continue the state’s litigation against Katie John.

HB77, the Silencing Alaskans Act

Dan Sullivan continues to avoid his role in the “Silencing Alaskans Act,” legislation that would have restricted Alaskans’ access to public lands. Sullivan aggressively pushed the bill which would have cut Alaska Natives, sport fishermen and local voices out of decisions about land usage.

The controversial legislation would have allowed the State to issue development permits without requiring any public input, cutting Alaskans out of the process entirely. The bill ran into a “buzzsaw” of opposition which made clear Alaskans oppose the bill.

Kaltag Tribal Council and Native Village of Tanana

Dan Sullivan continues to run from his record of undermining the rights of Alaska Natives and tribal sovereignty by suing tribes as attorney general.

Sullivan tried to restrict the rights and tribal authority of Alaska Natives and tribes by pursuing suits against the Kaltag tribe and Native Village of Tanana,  who sought to protect young children from dangerous situations through adoption. Sullivan fought against the tribal authority to care for and take custody of at risk children without state approval.

Sullivan’s failed lawsuits cost the state hundreds of thousands of dollars and damaged Sullivan and the state’s relationship with tribes, with Alaska Native leaders calling Sullivan’s actions “extreme.”

Bristol Bay Area Plan

As Commissioner of the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Dan Sullivan pushed the Pebble Mine by advocating land use designations that benefitted the development.

At DNR, Sullivan “led the charge” to reclassify state land in the Bristol Bay Area Plan (BBAP) to clear the way for the Pebble Mine, cutting subsistence users and fishermen out of the permitting process over objections from tribal leaders and subsistence users.

Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)

Alaska’s attorney general where he not only sued to prevent tribes from protecting at risk children, but also refused to give his position on the “Alaska Exception.”

Voting Rights Act

Despite serving as Alaska’s top law enforcement officer and claiming to defend the rights of Alaska Natives, Dan Sullivan has consistently refused to share his thoughts on the Voting Rights Act. Sullivan will not say whether he supports a fix to protect Alaska Native voting rights or Senator Begich’s legislation, the Native Voting Rights Act of 2014.

U.S. Senator Mark Begich is proud to have the support and reelection endorsement of over 30 Alaska Native tribes and communities.


Begich Humbled By Reelection Endorsements From Alaska Native Leaders


ANCHORAGE —  Over 30 Alaska Native tribes and communities have recognized Mark Begich’s strong record of fighting for Alaska Natives and rural Alaska by endorsing him for reelection to the U.S. Senate. Begich has used his clout to deliver hundreds of millions in federal funds to rural Alaska, to stand up for Alaska Native subsistence rights and to advance legislation to build stronger and safer communities.

“I am honored and humbled by the endorsements I have received from so many respected Alaska Native leaders, tribes, communities and organizations. I take their trust in me seriously and I will continue to fight for the rights of Alaska Natives and rural Alaska. I promise that I will continue to go anywhere, work with anyone and fight everyday to deliver for Alaskans,” said U.S. Senator Mark Begich.

Tribal Endorsements:

  • Central Council Tlingit & Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska
  • Beaver Village Council
  • Anvik Tribal Council
  • Allakaket Tribal Council
  • Kasigluk Traditional Council
  • Ohogamiut Traditional Council
  • Tuntutuliak Traditional Council
  • Newtok Traditional Council
  • Native Village of Upper Kalskag
  • Scammon Bay Traditional Council
  • Chevak Traditional Council
  • Yupiit of Andreafski
  • Native Village of Bill Moore’s Slough
  • Akiachak Native Community
  • Crooked Creek Traditional Council
  • Akiak Native Community
  • Elim Village
  • Organized Village of Kasaan
  • Aleut Community of St. Paul Island

United Tribes of Bristol Bay which includes:

  •      Togiak Traditional Council
  •      Aleknagik Village
  •      Curyung Tribal Council
  •      Ekuk Village Council
  •      Levelock Village Council
  •      Nondalton Tribal Council
  •      Portage Creek Village Council
  •      Twin Hills Village Council
  •      Manokotak Village Council
  •      New Stuyahok Traditional Council
  •      Koliganek Village
  •      Clark Point Village Council
  •      Chignik Lake Council

Alaska Native Corporation Endorsements

Alaska Native Advocacy Group



Sullivan Limped Out of Primary With $400,000 Debt


ANCHORAGE —  The most recent Federal Elections Commission (FEC) filing from Dan Sullivan’s campaign included $40,000 in donations from the Koch brothers to help pay off his $400,000 primary debt.

The donations from the Kochs come after Sullivan has refused to speak out about their decision to close the Flint Hills refinery in Fairbanks, kill 80 Alaska jobs and raise taxes on Alaskans.

“Dan Sullivan has been dishonest with Alaskans about the millions of dollars he’s received from the Koch brothers, even getting pulled by staff from an interview when asked about it. The Kochs are trying to buy Alaska’s Senate seat because they know Dan Sullivan is in it for himself and will represent Outside interests, not Alaskans.,” said Max Croes, Communications Director for Alaskans for Begich.

Highlights From the Story:

“The Sullivan campaign reported its first direct contributions from members of that [Koch] family — a total of $10,000 from Charles and David Koch, who lead a national network of conservative groups, plus another $20,000 from other family members at the same address.”

“The Sullivan campaign did not respond to questions about its filing. It originally refused to release the 800-page report on the Oct. 15 postmark deadline set by the Federal Election Commission, then did on Tuesday following requests from Alaska Dispatch News.”

“Sullivan’s filing shows his campaign had about $400,000 in debts from the primary, most of which have been paid off, with the exception of $43,000 owed to a Virginia consulting firm, Black Rock Group.”

From the Alaska Dispatch News:

New Filing From U.S. Senate Candidate Sullivan Includes Koch Contributions, Primary Debts

October 21, 2014, Nathaniel Herz

A new filing from Republican U.S. Senate candidate Dan Sullivan details the sources of the $2.5 million his campaign raised in August and September, as well as a sprinkling of interesting payments made by Sullivan’s campaign as part of the $2.4 million it spent during that period.

Sullivan’s campaign raised money from an array of high-profile donors, including maximum contributions from former President George W. Bush and his wife, Laura Bush, as well as from Las Vegas casino magnate and prominent conservative donor Sheldon Adelson, and from the sons of Wal-Mart founder Sam Walton and former presidential candidate Ross Perot.

And after months of Democrats trying to tie Sullivan to the billionaire industrialist Koch brothers, the Sullivan campaign reported its first direct contributions from members of that family — a total of $10,000 from Charles and David Koch, who lead a national network of conservative groups, plus another $20,000 from other family members at the same address.

The Kochs have made similar contributions to Republican Senate candidates across the country. And in 2010, a committee affiliated with Sullivan’s Democratic opponent, incumbent Sen. Mark Begich, received $5,000 from KochPAC, a group affiliated with the Koch family’s company, Koch Industries. KochPAC also gave $10,000 to Sullivan’s campaign this fall.

The Sullivan campaign did not respond to questions about its filing. It originally refused to release the 800-page report on the Oct. 15 postmark deadline set by the Federal Election Commission, then did on Tuesday following requests from Alaska Dispatch News.

The FEC has not yet processed Sullivan’s filing. Begich filed his own report electronically last week; it is publicly available on a Federal Election Commission website.

Sullivan’s filing shows his campaign had about $400,000 in debts from the primary, most of which have been paid off, with the exception of $43,000 owed to a Virginia consulting firm, Black Rock Group.

Other payments include $130,000 to an Arizona firm called Lincoln Strategy Group for “grassroots consulting,” $945 to National Right to Life Committee, an anti-abortion group, for a phone list; and $510 to a Maryland company for “cab fare.”

Sullivan’s campaign also paid $35,000 to one of his Republican primary opponents, Joe Miller, for “sign materials.”

A spokesman for Miller, Randy DeSoto, said Sullivan’s campaign purchased “frames and stuff,” though not Miller’s actual signs, which were returned.

“Read into that what you may about Joe Miller’s political future,” DeSoto said.



Begich Consistently Fights to Open Alaska To Increased Oil and Gas Exploration


ANCHORAGE —  U.S. Senator Mark Begich has helped achieve historic progress of Alaska oil and natural gas on federal lands. Begich has fought President Obama and his administration to allow new development on federal lands in Alaska creating thousands of new Alaska jobs and bring hundred of millions of investment into Alaska.

  • In 2015 the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska is set to produce its first ever barrel of commercial oil with production expected to reach 16,000 barrels of new oil a day into the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System.
  • An independent fact check organization affirmed Begich’s role in pressuring the Obama administration to open the Arctic Ocean to oil and gas development. Shell is currently moving forward with plans to send two drill rigs to the Chukchi Sea in 2015.

Begich Successfully Fought to open CD-5 in the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska and Offshore of the Arctic to oil and gas development:

Construction Scheduled To Begin In January 2014 With First Production In Late 2015 – Production Estimated At 16,000 Barrels/Day. Reported the Alaska Journal of Commerce in November 2013, “At CD-5, contractors will begin mobilizing for construction late this fall. The project involves a bridge over the Colville River, a production pad in the west side of the river as well as related roads, pipelines and utilities. ‘Construction of CD-5 is planned to begin in January 2014 and continue in winter 2014-2015. First production is expected in late 2015 and the initial gross production rate is estimated in the range of 16,000 barrels per day,” of oil, Lowman wrote in an email.” [Alaska Journal of Commerce, 11/2/13]

President Of Anchorage Chamber, On Begich’s Role In Administration Approval Of Arctic Offshore Drilling: “That Didn’t Happen By Accident.” Reported McClatchy in March 2013, “Every time Obama called him to seek his vote on a key initiative, Begich nudged him to horse-trade for drilling. The senator hasn’t persuaded the president yet on ANWR, but Begich says he played an important role in the decision last summer to allow Shell to start exploratory drilling in the Beaufort and Chukchi seas off Alaska’s Arctic coast. . . . ‘When you look at President Obama approving (Arctic) drilling, that didn’t happen by accident,’ [Andrew] Halcro said.” [McClatchy, 3/30/13]


Sullivan Light on Substance

Sticks to National Script at Resource Debate

CONTACT: Max Croes907-570-2065

ANCHORAGE —  Dan Sullivan surprised Alaskans with vague talking points about Alaska resource development, especially forsomeone who served as Alaska’s Department of Natural Resources Commissioner, in today’s resource forum.

During the forum Sullivan failed to take responsibility for walking away from negotiations, clearly showing he will not take on the Obama administration – like Senator Mark Begich has – to expand development in the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska (NPR-A), instead choosing to rely on the same national talking points the Alaska Dispatch News has called “broad and vague.”

“Dan Sullivan is selling Alaskans short with his refusal and inability to provide real plans for oil and gas development, promoting and protecting our fisheries or even what he would do in the U.S. Senate – especially after President Obama leaves office. Alaskans deserve better than Sullivan’s rehearsed script and vague talking points. Mark Begich has released ten detailed policy plans including plans for developing Alaska’s natural resources over the last two months, while Dan Sullivan has failed to provide a plan in over a year,” said Max Croes, Communications Director for Alaskans for Begich.

Sullivan failed to provide an answer as to how he would be effective in the U.S. Senate representing Alaska as Senator number 100. Sullivan also failed to acknowledge the millions in support he has received from the Koch Brothers who shut down Flint Hills Refinery, raised taxes on North Pole residents, jacked up the price of construction, and attempted to leave Alaskans with toxic groundwater to clean up.

As DNR Commissioner Sullivan negotiated the royalty oil contract with a Koch company that has been identified as a contributing factor in the Flint Hills refinery closure by Governor Parnell, local elected officials and the refinery operators.


“I Will Go Anywhere And Work With Anyone To Do What’s Right For Alaskans”


ANCHORAGE– In a new TV ad, Mark Begich affirms he will go anywhere and work with anyone to do what’s right for Alaskans. Begich touts his record of fighting the Obama Administration to open the Arctic for oil and gas development, protecting Second Amendment rights, and his work to get Alaska out from under the one size fits all No Child Left Behind law.


Mark Begich fondly recalls childhood memories of the times his father, Nick Begich, would gather the family at East Anchorage’s Russian Jack Springs Park. In “Works For Alaska” Mark Begich speaks to Alaskans from the same spot he spent many memorable times with his family.


Begich: “When we were young, our father loved to bring us here, to this spot. When things seem impossible, I try to do what he would have done. Like when I took on Obama to open up drilling in the Arctic, and I also took him on to protect our gun rights and exempt Alaska schools from No Child Left Behind. And I’m fighting like hell to fix the health care law so that it works for Alaska. I’m Mark Begich, I approved this message, because I will go anywhere and work with anyone to do what’s right for Alaskans.”

Read the ad backup here.


Begich Rolls Out Youth Plan


ANCHORAGE — Mark Begich knows that access to good paying jobs, affordable education opportunities and job training programs are some of the most essential pieces to achieving the American dream, which is why he has made these issues a top priority in the Senate for both current and future generations.

This is the tenth policy plan Begich has released since August because Begich understands that Alaskans expect their elected officials to outline detailed plans for the future and answer tough questions.

Specifically, Begich is focused on working to make college affordable, lower student loan rates, create accessible job training programs, and expand technical education options.


As someone who started and ran several small businesses, Mark knows there are many paths to success and traditional educational programs don’t always provide all of the skills Alaskans need:


“A quality education should be within reach for all Alaskans – regardless of economic background. As the father of a young son, I know the importance of providing both early education in addition to job training programs and an affordable college education. Alaskans deserve these opportunities and I am committed to fighting for them in a second term in the U.S. Senate,” said Senator Mark Begich.


During his first term in the Senate, Mark has pushed for affordable college and technical education options, lower student loan rates, and accessible job training programs that lead directly to employment, but there’s still more work to do.

Making College More Affordable

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have parents or family members who can finance their education for them. In his second term, Mark will continue to fight so that Alaskans who pursue a higher education aren’t saddled with debt for years.

Mark Begich will:

  • Push for lower student loan rates and equal treatment for student loans as big banks;
  • Allow students to refinance their loans;
  • Restore equal loan access to Alaskans seeking an advanced degree;
  • Expand work-study programs and summer employment;

Expanding Educational Opportunity for Alaskans

Mark knows getting a good paying job in Alaska’s dynamic economy often may require technical skills specific to one position or industry, like mining or petroleum engineering for new projects in NPR-A or the Arctic- and we need to fill these jobs with home-grown talent.

Mark Begich will:

  • Protect education choices and promote workforce development programs;
  • Expand veterans’ educational opportunity;
  • Ease veterans’ transition to private sector employment;
  • Strengthen Post-9/11 GI Bill for apprenticeships, on-the job training programs,and educational materials;senate
  • Create additional job training programs targeted to Alaska industries like timber, oil production, and fishing;
  • Advance Alaska Native priorities.


Promoting Career Choice and Income Security

Alaskans are hard workers willing to put in the time and effort to prepare themselves. Some Alaskans, like Mark, want to become entrepreneurs or small business owners, which requires different resources and skills.


Mark Begich will:

  • Raise the minimum wage to $10.10;
  • Fully fund Americorps;
  • Support young entrepreneurship through small initial loans;
  • Expand loan forgiveness programs for skilled professionals, like doctors, nurses, and mental health counselors, to serve in rural and high need areas.


ANCHORAGE —  The Koch brothers latest attack ad can’t change the fact that Mark Begich has the best attendance record of the Alaska Delegation at 95.5%, a fact proven by the Alaska Dispatch News.

“It’s no shock that the Koch brothers are lying and attempting to mislead Alaskans in the last few days of this election. The Kochs want to buy Alaska’s Senate seat so Dan Sullivan can do their bidding in the U.S. Senate. Alaskans see through the false attacks and know Mark Begich works every day for Alaska and is the only candidate who will stand up for Alaska values and Alaskans,” said Max Croes, Communications Director for Alaskans for Begich.


Outside interests like the Koch brothers have spent millions against Mark Begich in an attempt to buy Alaska’s Senate seat for Dan Sullivan. Dark money and shadow groups run by the Koch’s have run ads in Alaska that independent fact check organizations have labeled as “false” and “not true” – ads that are similar to the Kochs most recent ad which wrongly accuses Mark Begich of “missing work.”

The billionaire Koch brothers have spent millions on ads in Alaska so far and have pledged millions more. The Kochs cut and run on Alaska when they shuttered the Flint Hills refinery in North Pole, killing 80 Alaska jobs, raising taxes on Alaskans, raising the price of asphalt and attempting to leave behind toxic groundwater.



ANCHORAGE — U.S. Senator Mark Begich is highlighting his efforts to deliver for Fairbanks and the Interior in his latest radio ad.

“Mark Begich has fought for Interior Alaska and Fairbanks because he knows its strategic military importance, role as a hub of Alaska resource development and economic growth opportunities. Begich fought to keep the F-16s at Eielson, worked to get two new squadrons of F-35s, fought the EPA over the Tanana River bridge and battled to keep the missile silos at Fort Greely. In a second term, Mark Begich will continue to fight for Alaskans and use his clout to deliver for Interior Alaska,” said Max Croes, Communications Director for Alaskans for Begich.

Mark Begich has received support from many leaders in the Interior of Alaska and Alaskans for Begich has released several ads focused on his record of work and support from the region. Three Mayors features Fairbanks Mayor John Eberhart, Fairbanks Borough Mayor Luke Hopkins, and former Borough Mayor Jim Whitaker. Four Stars, features retired combat veteran Troy Bouffard discussing Begich’s work to keep the F-16s at Eielson. Big Fan features Fairbanks Council Member Renee Staley sharing her story of working with Begich in a bipartisan manner to help bring well-paying jobs to the region.


Transcript of Best Choice:

Narrator: Who’s the best choice to be Alaska’s Senator? You can look around Fairbanks to see the answer. Mark Begich worked with Lisa and Don to keep our F-16s at Eielson, saving 3,000 jobs. Mark even held up an Air Force General’s 4th star when the Pentagon was dragging its feet. And Begich worked with Lisa and Don to get Eielson two new squadrons of F-35s, which means even more jobs. Mark fought the Obama Administration to save the missile silos at Fort Greely, to restart the Healy clean coal plant, and he forced the EPA to approve the Tanana River bridge. And Mark Begich took on Obama to open up drilling in the Arctic, bringing a billion dollars in new investments and over 500 jobs to Alaska. Now Mark is working to bring a natural gas system to Fairbanks, to reduce our energy prices. Mark Begich, delivering for Fairbanks, doing what’s right for Alaskans.

Begich: I’m Mark Begich, running for U.S. Senate, and I approve this message

Narrator: Paid for by Alaskans for Begich



CONTACT: Max Croes907-570-2065

ANCHORAGE  —  Dan Sullivan walked away from negotiations on National Petroleum Reserve (NPR-A) lands open to oil leasing in 2012, a point he wanted Alaskans to forget at the resources forum today at the Captain Cook.

“This letter serves as written notice the State of Alaska (State) is withdrawing effectively immediately as a ‘cooperating agency’ from the planning agency for the National Petroleum Reserve (NPR-A).” [State of Alaska, 9/12/2012]

“When Dan Sullivan had the opportunity to take on oil and gas in the NPR-A, he walked away from the table and threw in the towel. Alaska doesn’t need leaders who will quit on them and expect others to do their work for them – they need leaders like Mark Begich who will fight to the bone to develop Alaska’s vast natural resources,” said Max Croes, Communications Director for Alaskans for Begich.

Sullivan not only wants to re-write history, he wants to ignore the fact that Alaska has the first ever oil production coming forward from the NPR-A ,which has attracted a billion dollars in investment from ConocoPhillips and created over 500 jobs to date. 

Mark Begich has taken an aggressive approach to development in the NPR-A and successfully fought to move forward on CD-5 which will put 16,000 barrels of new oil a day into the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System. Progress is also being made on GMT-1 and GMT-2 which will bring an additional 30,000 barrels into taps. 

Sullivan’s record of walking away from NPR-A development:

August 2012: Interior Department Announced Plan That Would Make Available The “Vast Majority” Of NPR-A Oil.  “In the federal Bureau of Land Management’s announcement last month, the agency said the ‘preferred’ alternative in an environmental impact statement scheduled to be completed by the end of the year would make about 11.8 million acres available for oil leasing. It said such a plan would make available the ‘vast majority’ of an estimated 549 million barrels of oil believed to be located in the reserve.” [Los Angeles Times9/13/12]

Headline: Alaska Dispatch: “No More Cooperation From Alaska OnNPR-A Development Plans?” [Alaska Dispatch9/12/14]

September 2012: State Of Alaska Withdrew As A “Cooperating Agency” From NPR-A Oil & Gas Development. “This letter serves as written notice the State of Alaska (State) is withdrawing effectively immediately as a ‘cooperating agency’ from the planning agency for the National Petroleum Reserve (NPR-A).  [Gov. Sean Parnell Letter to U.S. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, 9/12/12