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In an Alaska Survey Research Poll released today, Mark Begich leads his opponent Mike Dunleavy 46 to 43 when voters know Bill Walker is no longer campaigning for governor. The survey of 500 likely Alaska voters was conducted October 26th to October 29th and also shows Begich’s positives up over Dunleavy’s at 47 to 42. Meanwhile, Mike Dunleavy saw a drop in his favorability rating since the last Survey Research Poll.

“Mark Begich has been a continuous supporter of Local 878 and the Alaskan community and will work diligently to create a thriving Alaska economy. Mark stands by workers in support of fair wages, medical benefits, and workplace safety. He supports keeping the PFD which benefits working families and will work hard to address crime and safety issues we face in our communities.”

“Mark Begich is the right choice for Alaska’s future. Just like his father and my friend before him, Congressman Nick Begich, Mark has an unwavering dedication to teachers, policemen, the labor community, and hard-working Alaskans all across our state. At a time when our state faces an uncertain future, we need a get-it-done leader like Mark Begich who understands the needs of working Alaskans.”

“We are proud to support Mark Begich for Governor because he is the only candidate with a decades-long record of supporting both the maritime industry and Alaska workers,” said Don Marcus, President of the Masters Mates & Pilots. “When it comes to the current challenges facing Alaska’s economy, our workers, and the maritime industry, we know Mark Begich is the only candidate who understands our issues – like the marine highway system and the Jones Act – and knows how to get the work done.”

As Alaskans prepare to receive reduced PFDs for the third consecutive year, the 60-second radio ad focuses on Begich’s plan to constitutionally guarantee a sustainable PFD and ensure stable, long-term education funding. After years of inconsistency and insufficient education funding leaving our schools ranked 46th in the nation, Begich has proposed a detailed plan to constitutionally guarantee long-term, stable pre-K-12 education funding as part of his protect the PFD plan.

Mark Begich launched a new online audio ad today titled “Bella” featuring former First Lady Bella Hammond. The 60-second spot features Bella Hammond, the wife of former Governor Jay Hammond, who highlights Begich’s bipartisan approach and love for Alaska as reasons she supports his candidacy to be Alaska’s next Governor.

Image for Bella Hammond Endorses Mark Begich for Governor

Mark Begich was proud to receive the endorsement of Former First Lady Bella Hammond today in his bid for Governor. Bella Hammond is the wife of the late Jay Hammond, who was the fourth Governor of Alaska. Among his many accomplishments, Governor Hammond is known as one of the creators and visionaries of the Alaska Permanent Fund.

Today, Mark Begich announced he is the only candidate for Governor supporting Proposition 1, Stand for Salmon. With almost 50 thousand people signing to make this initiative a reality – this is about fish, but also about making sure Alaskans have a voice in our states future.

I am honored to receive this critical endorsement from the Anchorage Police Department Employees Association … There has been a systemic failure on the state level to address the exploding opioid epidemic and increasing crime within our communities that has led Alaska to be ranked #1 for crime nationwide – it is unacceptable and as Governor I will crack down on crime and make our communities safer.”