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I’m running for lieutenant governor with Mark Begich because I’m optimistic about our future. With the right leadership and vision, I have no doubt we will find creative solutions to the challenges our state faces.

We want to tell you why we support Mark Begich for governor. He has the executive experience to lead the state government, as he did for six years as the mayor of Anchorage. Additionally, he will work across the aisle with Alaska’s Legislature to achieve policies and actions that enhance Alaska, as he did in the U.S. Senate for six years.

Highlights Begich Plan to Reduce Crime, Protect the PFD, and Invest in Education For Immediate Release July 30, 2018 Anchorage – Mark Begich launched his first radio ad titled Innovation today. The 60-second radio ad focuses on Begich’s innovative approach to leadership and his plans to crack down on crime, constitutionally guarantee a sustainable PFD, […]

On the Saturday after the filing deadline closed and Mark Begich turned Alaska’s gubernatorial race on its head by announcing he would run on the Alaska Democratic Party’s ticket, the former former U.S. senator stopped by Fairbanks for a whirlwind afternoon tour. About 20 minutes of that included sitting down in a coffee shop with your humble editor of The Midnight Sun.

Former U.S. Sen. Mark Begich put the truth to long-standing rumors on Friday by jumping in the Democratic primary for governor. That move prompted incumbent Gov. Bill Walker, who is running as an independent, to bypass the party primary and focus on collecting signatures to face Begich and the Republican nominee in the November general election.

“You know me. You have known my family for decades. And you know that I don’t sit on the sidelines when there is a problem to be solved,” Begich wrote. “That’s why I am running for Governor because I know that together we can build a safer, stronger future for all Alaskans.”