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Bella Hammond Endorses Mark Begich for Governor

Former First Lady Cites Leadership, Future of the Permanent Fund

ANCHORAGE– Mark Begich was proud to receive the endorsement of Former First Lady Bella Hammond today in his bid for Governor. Bella Hammond is the wife of the late Jay Hammond, who was the fourth Governor of Alaska. Among his many accomplishments, Governor Hammond is known as one of the creators and visionaries of the Alaska Permanent Fund.

“I am honored to receive Bella’s endorsement,” said Mark Begich. “Jay and Bella Hammond represent great Alaska leaders, and their unwavering commitment to Alaskans and our shared values is something I have always admired and strived to embrace in my own public service.”

Mark recently met with Bella at her home in Anchorage where she provided her endorsement, praise, and support in his Governor’s campaign.

“Mark Begich is just the kind of leader Alaska needs today, and that is why he has my full support to be Alaska’s next Governor,” said Bella Hammond. “When I look at Mark, I see some of the values that made Jay such a strong leader – like putting people over politics. Jay understood what governing in pivotal moments was all about and that is why we have the Permanent Fund today. Mark Begich is the only candidate with a realistic, responsible plan that will make sure Jay’s legacy lives on – and that’s good for all Alaskans.”

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