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Emil Notti Endorses Mark Begich for Governor

“Embracing all Alaskans is who Mark is – and I know it is how he will lead.”

ANCHORAGE– Mark Begich was proud to receive the endorsement of the first AFN President Emil Notti today in his bid for Governor. Emil Notti is a U.S. Navy Veteran who was born in Koyukuk, Alaska, and has dedicated his life to fighting for the rights of all Alaskans. Notti was one of the key figures behind the land claims movement and negotiations that resulted in the critical Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act of 1971. Emil Notti also has a longstanding relationship with Mark Begich and the Begich family – including Mark’s parents, Nick and Pegge Begich. In his endorsement, Emil Notti explained:

“Mark Begich is the right choice for Alaska’s future. Just like his father and my friend before him, Congressman Nick Begich, Mark has an unwavering dedication to teachers, policemen, the labor community, and hard-working Alaskans all across our state. At a time when our state faces an uncertain future, we need a get-it-done leader like Mark Begich who understands the needs of working Alaskans. Mark has demonstrated over his decades-long career that his values reflect the best interests of all Alaskans and he never sits on the sidelines when there is a problem to be solved. Mark’s commitment to the needs of tribes and rural communities reminds me of his father’s dedication to reaching a fair settlement of the land claims issue. Embracing all Alaskans is who Mark is – and I know it is how he will lead.”

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