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Mark Begich Launches New Radio Ad – Real Choice

Highlights Begich Plan to Constitutionally Protect the PFD & Long-Term Education Funding

Anchorage – Mark Begich launched a new radio ad titled Real Choice today. As Alaskans prepare to receive reduced PFDs for the third consecutive year, the 60-second radio ad focuses on Begich’s plan to constitutionally guarantee a sustainable PFD and ensure stable, long-term education funding. After years of inconsistency and insufficient education funding leaving our schools ranked 46th in the nation, Begich has proposed a detailed plan to constitutionally guarantee long-term, stable pre-K-12 education funding as part of his protect the PFD plan.

To listen to the ad, click here.

The Transcript of the Radio Ad is Below:

Mark Begich: This is Mark Begich … and with three of us running for governor, you have a real choice. We can go backwards, stay stuck where we are or move forward. It especially matters with the PFD and our schools — two things every family relies on. I’m the only candidate who will protect the PFD and school funding in the state constitution … taking them out of the hands of politicians. For three years our PFDs were cut, our teachers pink slipped and our schools are 46th in the nation. Mike Dunleavy voted five times against your PFD while also voting to cut education and job training. He even wants to close rural schools and send kids to boarding school. And it wasn’t courageous for Governor Walker to cut the PFD and balance the budget on the backs of working people. He spent 80 percent of our savings. $14 billion gone and we still don’t have a long-term fiscal plan. Instead of going backwards or staying stuck where we are, you deserve a governor who gets it and can get it done.

Narrator: “Paid for by Alaskans for Begich.”

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