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Mark Begich Releases New Audio Ad Featuring Bella Hammond

“All Alaskans should hear how her husband created the PFD that I’ll protect in the State constitution.” – Mark Begich

ANCHORAGE – Mark Begich launched a new online audio ad today titled “Bella” featuring former First Lady Bella Hammond. The 60-second spot features Bella Hammond, the wife of former Governor Jay Hammond, who highlights Begich’s bipartisan approach and love for Alaska as reasons she supports his candidacy to be Alaska’s next Governor.

To listen to the ad, click here.

Mark recently met with Bella at her home in Anchorage where she provided her endorsement, praise, and support in his Governor’s campaign. Bella reiterated her belief that Begich represents the kind of leadership and vision that Jay Hammond possessed and that Alaska needs today.

“Mark Begich is just the kind of leader Alaska needs today and that is why he has my full support to be Alaska’s next Governor,” said Bella Hammond. “Jay understood what governing in pivotal moments was all about and that is why we have the Permanent Fund today. Mark Begich is the only candidate with a realistic, responsible plan that will make sure Jay’s legacy lives on- and that’s good for all Alaskans.”

While Bella may not be on the campaign trail this year, she wanted to make sure her voice was heard in this election. That is why she endorsed Mark and encouraged him to use her voice however he could. The following ad includes audio from a 2014 interview with Bella including updated commentary about the current challenges facing Alaska.

The Transcript of the Audio Ad is Below:

Mark Begich: This is Mark Begich. I’m honored to have the support of Bella Hammond in my campaign for governor. All Alaskans should hear how her husband created the PFD that I’ll protect in the State constitution. Please listen to Bella.”

Bella Hammond: When my husband Jay Hammond was in office he was not party oriented. I was impressed with the idea that Mark Begich wanted to work across party lines because it reminded me of Jay’s attitude. I just think that putting party politics aside would be a vast improvement … it has to happen. I look at Mark Begich and I see a person who truly loves the state and that’s so similar to what Jay Hammond was like. I know what kind of a job it is. It is hard. I support Mark wholeheartedly.

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