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NEW POLL: Mark Begich Surges

Less than a week before Election Day, growing momentum on Begich’s side

ANCHORAGE — In an Alaska Survey Research Poll released today, Mark Begich leads his opponent Mike Dunleavy 46 to 43 when voters know Bill Walker is no longer campaigning for governor. The survey of 500 likely Alaska voters was conducted October 26th to October 29th and also shows Begich’s positives up over Dunleavy’s at 47 to 42. Meanwhile, Mike Dunleavy saw a drop in his favorability rating since the last Survey Research Poll.

“We are so proud of the overwhelming support, excitement, and energy that Alaskans have brought to this campaign,” said Mark Begich. “The choice in this election could not be clearer and Debra Call and I are proud to be offering Alaskans a choice for a positive vision and better future for all Alaskans that includes constitutionally protecting the PFD, making our communities safer, and putting our state back on track for long-term fiscal stability.”

Mark Begich also leads among voters who have already cast their ballots 51-48. In the initial ballot question, Mark Begich and Mike Dunleavy are tied at 42-42.

Momentum continues to build on Begich’s side. In addition to today’s poll numbers, the Begich-Call campaign announced yesterday they raised over $330,000 in just the previous three weeks.

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