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Energy is central to our state. From the earliest moments of statehood, to building the Trans Alaska pipeline, to developing our global expertise in clean energy micro grids, Alaskans have never been afraid of big projects and bold energy policy.

Make no mistake about it, the oil and gas industry has played a critical role in Alaska’s economy for decades. Somewhere along the line, however, what started as a partnership turned into dependency. As Governor, I want to engage in policies that will get us back to the days where the state has a true partnership with the oil and gas industry that benefits both the industry and the state as a whole.

That means diversifying our economy – and our energy portfolio. We have all the resources we need to become a clean energy leader: ample renewable resources like wind, hydro, and even solar, a great university system spearheading cutting edge technology, high energy costs providing the economic imperative to transition away from conventional fuel sources. Just as Alaska played a pivotal role in securing America’s energy security with the opening of Prudhoe Bay, through our development of clean energy microgrids, we have the opportunity to be a leader in America’s energy future.

As Governor, I would:

  • Create Certainty for Oil & Gas Industry: When the state’s fiscal stability is subject to the whims of oil prices, it not only wreaks havoc on our state’s budget process, but also results in knee jerk policy reactions that creates uncertainty for the industry. As Governor, I would move from a one-year budget process to a two-year budget process to create fiscal stability and certainty across industries and priorities.
  • Develop our clean tech workforce: Lack of a trained workforce is driving up the cost of clean energy projects across Alaska, meanwhile we have the highest unemployment rate in the country. As Governor, I would engage unions, the university system, vocational training programs, and the private sector to ensure we are growing our own trained workforce ready for the jobs of the future right here in Alaska.
  • Make Alaska the most Energy Efficient State in the Country: We have the ability to be a leader in energy efficiency if we take smart, deliberate actions. Including:
    • Reduce overall electric energy use by 10 percent by 2025
    • Cut costs by requiring energy audits and efficiency upgrades of all public buildings
    • Restart Alaska’s weatherization program providing relief to Alaskans with the highest energy costs
    • Ensure all state policies incentivize energy conservation
  • Implement a Roadmap to Achieve Goal of 50% Renewable Energy by 2025: It is not enough to simply throw out goals, we must have a roadmap to get there. There are concrete actions the State can take to help achieve a 50% renewable goal by 2025 including:
    • Convert the State’s vehicle fleet to electric/gas electric hybrid expediting EV charging infrastructure
    • Set clean energy procurement goals for the State and reduce barriers for purchasing electricity and heat that will save the money and reduce energy use.
    • Seek out partnerships with the private sector to achieve scale in our rural communities and deploy emerging technology on Alaska’s microgrids.

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