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Getting Alaska Gas to Market with Benefit to all Alaskans

The goal is simple – we need to get our gas to market and ensure that Alaskans receive the benefit in doing so. If the gasline is going to be a feasible part of this process, it cannot be majority owned by the Chinese government. The ongoing trade war between the federal government and China is a reminder that we must balance the financing needs of the project with the responsibility to protect our state assets and sovereignty. We must also ensure that the gasline is one piece of any approach to a stronger economy – it cannot be the only piece. We must simultaneously manage the needs of other key industries and projects that support our economy like opportunities in the changing arctic, fishing, travel & tourism, and more.

As Governor, I would:

  • Issue an Executive Order Requiring a Gasline be Constructed with a Project Labor Agreement (PLA): On day one, I would issue an executive order requiring a PLA for this project. This is how the oil pipeline was built decades ago and is the only way to guarantee the jobs created by this project are filled with our skilled Alaska workforce first.
  • Prevent Majority Foreign Ownership: As Governor, I would refuse to engage in any deal that provides a majority ownership to a foreign government or entity that has interest counter to those of Alaskans. We cannot allow our gas to become controlled by a foreign government who has no interest or obligation in making sure that Alaskans are the first to see the real benefits of bringing our gas to market.

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