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Getting Alaska Gas to Market with Benefit to all Alaskans

Energy is a key driver of Alaska’s economy, creating and supporting well-paying jobs and bringing essential revenue to our state. For a stronger energy future, the goal is simple – we need to bring our gas to market and ensure that all Alaskans receive the benefits of doing so. Natural gas is our great untapped resource, with an estimated 200 trillion cubic feet of recoverable gas in our state. Harnessing this gas to provide for communities throughout Alaska with more affordable, cleaner energy than is currently used, along with increasing renewables, will make a real difference for Alaska families. And bringing this resource onto the world market in a competitive way, attracting interest from competitive buyers, will help to diversify and grow Alaska’s economy.

To do that, we need to build a safe and economical gasline that is in our hands, not majority-owned by the Chinese government. The ongoing trade war between the federal government and China is a reminder that to get the job done, we must forge a path forward that delivers the necessary financing while protecting our state assets, sovereignty, and national security. As Governor, I will bring together governors from export-oriented states like ours to push for a rational trade policy and bring down the tariffs that are damaging Alaska industries, from seafood to energy and beyond.

Alaskans have shown time and again that, working together, we can do big things and deliver major projects no one thought possible, like the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System. Governor Walker took the idea of the gasline, talked about for decades without much progress, and brought it much further than any governor before him. As Governor, I will finish the work he began and get this project over the goal line.

The gasline is an important piece of any approach to a stronger economy – but it cannot be the only piece. We must simultaneously grow and manage the needs of other key industries and projects that support our economy, including opportunities in the changing Arctic, fishing, travel & tourism, renewable energy, technology, and more.

As Governor, I will:

  • Issue an Executive Order Requiring a Gasline be Constructed with a Project Labor Agreement (PLA): On day one, I will issue an executive order requiring a PLA for this project. That is how the oil pipeline was built decades ago and is the only way to guarantee the jobs created by this project are filled with our skilled Alaska workforce first. I am encouraged by the framework deal recently agreed to by the Alaska Gasline Development Corporation and three major construction trade groups, which sets the stage for striking a successful PLA.
  • Prevent Majority Foreign Ownership: As Governor, I will refuse to engage in any deal that provides a majority ownership to a foreign government or entity with interests counter to those of Alaskans. We cannot allow our gas to become controlled by a foreign government that has no interest or obligation in making sure that Alaskans are the first to see the real benefits of bringing our gas to market. I will explore new models of financing to make sure we deliver an Alaska gasline that benefits Alaskans first.
  • Make Sure Alaskans Are The Driving Force Behind Construction and Maintenance of the Gasline: As Governor, I will be committed not only to building the gasline but to growing our Alaska workforce of trained and qualified Alaskans to get the project completed and maintain it for decades to come. I will bring together the private sector, unions, career and technical education experts, and our University to ensure we are committing the necessary resources to provide accessible and effective job training and apprenticeship programs. Any Alaskan who wants to work on the gasline, or in other skilled positions, deserves every opportunity to receive the full training needed to do that work and support their family.
  • Deliver Alaska Natural Gas to Alaska Communities and Families: As Governor, I will make sure that Alaska communities and families, many of whom struggle to pay expensive energy bills, reap the benefits of the gasline project by receiving access to this affordable, lower-carbon energy source. The gasline must have offtakes and infrastructure to be able to get the gas to Alaskans who need it, and I will get the job done to make a real impact on Alaska energy bills.

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