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Begich Endorsed By The Arctic Sounder

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 10/30/2014 ANCHORAGE —  U.S. Senator Mark Begich has been endorsed for reelection by the Arctic Sounder, the newspaper serving the Northwest Arctic and the North Slope of Alaska. In its endorsement, the Arctic Sounder recognized Begich’s strong record of fighting for Alaskans, belief in subsistence rights, clout on the Appropriations Committee, and the importance of a […]

Begich Showcases Results & Solutions

Veterans, Ebola, ISIS & Military Sexual Assault — Begich Proposed Solutions FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 10/29/2014 ANCHORAGE — In Channel 2’s U.S. Senate debate Mark Begich put his record of results and serious solutions front and center while Dan Sullivan continued to rely on talking points and avoid Alaska issues as basic as earmarks. “Before tonight’s […]

Sullivan Donors Attack Privacy of Alaskans

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 10/29/2014 ANCHORAGE —  Alaskans are outraged at the actions of an Outside group funded by a Dan Sullivan supporter and known associate of the Koch brothers, John Bryan. Letters containing information Alaskans consider to very personal have blanketed Alaska disclosing the name, home address and voting history of neighbors and strangers. The letters include a […]