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Treadwell’s Tax Would Crush Homebuyers

Treadwell Would Eliminate Provision 30 Million American Families Rely on FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 07/19/2014 U.S. Senate candidate Mead Treadwell is plugging a tax scheme that would crush homebuyers in Alaska, eliminating a provision over 30 million Americans rely on each year. Treadwell’s plan would force Alaskans and Americans to pay thousands of dollars more when buying a […]

Treadwell’s Periscope Problem

Treadwell Company Develops “The Hubble Telescope Pointing In” FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 07/21/2014 ANCHORAGE: Mead Treadwell is trying to create distance from the nine-figure profits his company Digimarc made by pushing a national ID card scheme to monitor and track Americans saying he “didn’t look into anybody’s window.”  Treadwell is going to have a tough time […]

Begich Ad: Alaska Veteran Touts Alaska’s Team in Washington

Fact Checker Rates Ad By Begich “True” FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 07/18/2014 ANCHORAGE  –  A new Begich radio  features a 27 year Navy Veteran who says he voted for  Senator Ted Stevens, Senator Lisa Murkowski and is now voting for Senator Mark Begich. Alaska veteran Skip Nelson points out that Alaska’s senators vote together as much as […]