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Sullivan Anti-Earmark Position Hurts Alaska 

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 10/31/2014 ANCHORAGE —  With a week to go before the election Dan Sullivan is putting his opposition to federal earmarks front and center, a position that cedes billions of dollars of funding appropriation powers to President Obama – and that differs starkly with that of Senators Mark Begich, Lisa Murkowski and Representative Don Young. […]

Bristol Bay Times/Dutch Harbor Fisherman Endorses Mark Begich

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 10/30/2014 ANCHORAGE —  Senator Mark Begich has earned an endorsement from the the Bristol Bay Times & Dutch Harbor Fisherman, the primary newspapers serving Dillingham, Naknek, King Salmon, Southwest Villages and the Aleutians.  The endorsement touts Begich’s bipartisan approach to solving problems, the significance of his seat on the powerful Appropriations Committee, and […]

Begich Endorsed By The Arctic Sounder

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 10/30/2014 ANCHORAGE —  U.S. Senator Mark Begich has been endorsed for reelection by the Arctic Sounder, the newspaper serving the Northwest Arctic and the North Slope of Alaska. In its endorsement, the Arctic Sounder recognized Begich’s strong record of fighting for Alaskans, belief in subsistence rights, clout on the Appropriations Committee, and the importance of a […]